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Honey Comb Graphic Half Zip Up

Honey Comb Graphic Half Zip Up

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Bee Good to yourself and other others around you. Bee good to our environment and our earth that provides us with so much life. We did a little word play on the word Bee to bring awareness to the Bee’s and all they do for us and our environment. We need the Bee’s to keep our eco system running full circle. Not only do the bee’s provide delicious honey, but they also pollinate more than a third of our food crops. Pollination occurs when bee’s go from plant to plant transferring pollen which allows the plants to fertilize. Humans won’t be able to survive long without the bee’s.
So our message is simple, BEE GOOD

Our Heavy cozy Fleece Half Zip Up is made of 100 Premium Combed Cotton and Garment dyed with Enzyme for the softest handfeel. Drop Shoulder with slightly oversize fit with Ribbed Cuff and Waistband.

Proudly made in Los Angeles. 

Care Instructions. Machine wash cold with like colors. Hang to dry. Do not bleach.

Model is 7 years old and wearing 8-9 YRS size for oversized look.

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