Our data-driven tools and services help leaders adapt to ever-changing business needs, while putting people first.

Whether you're looking for a first step to refine how you handle talent decisions, a way to understand what your people are capable of and what kind of work will engage them, or a way to set project teams up for success - we'll give you the tools and actions you need to get your people working at their best.

A Venn Diagram: Job descriptions vs. Employees' talents - the overlap is what your organization sees.

What are your people really capable of?

Our talent tools reveal unseen talent so you can fit each person to the work where they can shine, know where your people are ready to take on more, and find high-potential learners who are eager to grow in valuable skills. Show your people you're invested - and give them a voice in their next steps at work.


We harness talent that doesn’t fit into your org chart.

What if your biggest challenges were matched with the perfect people to face them? With clear sight into who your people really are and what they can do, we use data to match them to important work and build high-impact teams internally - so you can get things done and see your people succeed. It's a more inclusive, smart way to find the right team for the job from within, while growing your people.

Work Forecast - Understand the work (a project or goal) - our job analysis focused on the work to be done. Map Your Talent - Understand the people - our data-driven talent analysis of your employees - their competencies and preferences. Build the right team for your needs (from within) - data-driven, algorithmic team design and organizational design.
Group Project is a data-driven talent technology and consulting company doing team design, organizational design, HR analytics, competency analysis, competency assessments, performance assessments, employee engagement, and other HR and consulting work.

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