Weekly Check-ins


Weekly check-ins will help you tell your manager what you need, how things are going, and where you’re doing amazing work. Get started in 10 minutes by signing up, setting up your skills and projects, and adding your first weekly update. We’ll send you a round-up you can share with your manager.

1 Sign up for weekly check-ins with your name and job title. You can add your whole team if you want - nobody will get emailed.

2 First, add the projects you’re working on right now.

3 Next, with your projects in mind, create a list of the skills you’re using across all your work right now.

4 Now you can give the update on how it’s going with each of your projects.

5 Next, update how you’re doing with each of the skills you’re using on your projects. You’ll get a chance to say whether:

  • you’re developing a skill and need some help

  • you’re developing a skill - and it’s going fine

  • you’re using a skill (just FYI)

  • you’re excelling at something (hooray!)

  • there’s a skill the project needs - but it’s not your thing

6 Now, add feedback on how other people you’re working with are doing. Do they need help or training? Are they doing amazing? Give your two cents.

7 You’re done! We’ll send you an email about delivering your weekly summary - for you and your manager. Want to add the rest of your team? You can send them the link to this page to sign up and get going.