Full-Stack Technical Leader

We're looking for a technical leader to build innovative, people-first products for the future of work. You should:

  • Be a motivated self-starter who strongly prefers to have accountability in how their contributions drive the company forward

  • Be an enthusiastic, agile, fast-paced technical partner keen to solve problems independently and collaboratively to ship features that make people’s lives better at work

  • Be practiced in building data-heavy back-end products (we use Ruby On Rails)

  • Be practiced at owning and improving front-end code organization using modern build tools like Webpack and writing well-encapsulated JavaScript “sprinkles”

  • Prefer iterative build approach and have experience Agile methods like BDD and integration testing

  • Contribute to product strategy and UI decision-making with an eye to build speed

  • Make good judgments about what's important for build to meet user needs and fulfill its purpose

  • Enjoy working solo and collaboratively with the rest of the technical team

  • Build conscientiously, in a way that scales

If you have product, UX/UI strategy, or design skills too, that's a bonus.

What we do

Group Project makes data-driven tools to understand your team, and bring out their best work every day.

Our tools give employees a voice, empower managers with clear priorities to support their teams, and give leaders the big picture of how their talent map and strategic goals intertwine.

How we hire

We’re a female-founded company passionate about inclusion and ethical tech. People from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

In our tools and in our team, we believe using job descriptions to pick the right people will always be like fitting a square peg into a round hole. We think the job should fit the person. On our general Jobs page, we've laid out all the biggest needs we’re looking to hire into right now. If any of those sound like you, we’ll sculpt your role to fit. Let us know the whole picture of what you want to do.