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We’re conducting a study in early 2018 to assess how leaders plan for their teams' work on goals, sprints, and projects. We'll uncover insights on how they can improve their planning and prep process to set their teams up for success.

The Details

We’ll survey goal, project, or sprint stakeholders once before the work, and once afterward. Then we’ll provide insights on planning strengths and weaknesses, and their underlying themes, and we’ll point out opportunities to improve the accuracy of preparations to set teams up for success.

We’re looking for leaders of goals or projects with 5 or more contributors, that are kicking off in the first half of 2018. We ask that 2-3 leaders/stakeholders per project/goal commit to 2 one-hour conversations (one before, one after). We will deliver insights two weeks after our second interviews with the leaders. We prefer to assess multiple planning periods within each participating company, but are open to partners who can only commit with one project or goal.

We're looking for more shorter-term sprints and projects early in the year, finishing in a two-week to two-month timeline, but are also studying longer-term work ending any time in 2018.

We’re looking for diverse teams and scopes of work, and are happy to chat about whether your work is a fit for the study. Let's talk!