Our strategic talent tool provides a data-driven map of the talent in an organization. We learn about who the people are, what they can do, and - crucially - what they want to do. Because you can develop high performers in any organization when you really understand your people.



Discover what your people can do

Our profiles reveal secret rock stars who are ready to take on more, and high-potential learners who are eager to grow in valuable skills. We work with you to identify the skills you need to achieve strategic goals, and to map those skills in your people.

Why Map Your Talent

Our talent tools reveal unseen talent so you can fit each person to the work where they can shine, know where your people are ready to take on more, and get clear, data-driven actions to support your team.

Your workplace talent map helps you adapt to ever-changing business needs, while putting people first. 

Improve retention with a new understanding of “why” in people operations - discover what’s making teams successful, and get clear actions you can take to support your people
Move past unconscious bias in people decisions and improve work quality with abilities-driven staffing
Foster innovation and development from within by improving team dynamics and engagement without restructuring

How It Works

1 Empower people with self-reporting - and show them you're invested

We give employees a tool to reflect and express what’s working for them in their jobs, and what talents they have that aren’t being engaged. We start with self-reporting, to give team members a voice.

2 Get the big picture + see skills you value

Our profile reveals behavior and ability in each team member. Our tools sort team-wide data into easy-to-use workplace trends that reveal how your workplace is working now, what people want, and what changes can make things work better. Essential areas like leadership, communication style, risk-taking, decision-making, and execution build a clear picture of what team dynamics will work for your team.

Custom skill areas like software development, visual design, and presentation show trends like whether you have an unseen, untapped wealth of talent, or a team that’s ready to grow into new skills.

3 Always know the latest

Your team can come back and update their information any time - because people change. Whenever people learn new skills or experience new projects or roles, you'll see the most up-to-date data. No need to wait for review cycles.

    About Us

    Our team shares the belief that people are broader than their job descriptions, and when companies treat their people like people, rather than roles, they unlock more talent. That’s why when each person has the opportunity to reach their full potential at work, everyone benefits.

    We're a group of people-minded builders and futurists, with interdisciplinary backgrounds and a knack for applying useful models across boundaries - especially when it comes to structures that shape behavioral dynamics, determining how people make decisions, collaborate, and get things done. 

    Sally Simms, Founder

    Sally is a systems thinker and humanist. Sally learned to code at a tech-focused high school, and applied the systems design principles she learned from software to people. In work at Google and elsewhere, across strategy, management, operations, marketing, partnerships, and product, she has studied structures that shape behavioral dynamics, determining how people make decisions, collaborate, and get things done. From performance metrics to marketing narratives to teams, she has designed models that encourage ideal behavioral outcomes, and bend to human diversity.

    Bella Wang, Founding Data Scientist

    Bella is a war scholar turned data scientist, skilled in finding meaning in small, human-scale data sets. Her PhD research analyzed the strategy of interstate territorial disputes, using a variety of methods, including game theory, statistical analysis, and case studies, to explain political outcomes. A social scientist and data maven, she’s an all-around student of humanity, combining quantitative and qualitative data to tell stories about human behavior at all levels, from individual idiosyncrasies to the highest of high politics. She’s also pretty schooled on puzzles and games, which applies more than you’d think.