Get with the program

We’re running a 4-week sprint program to fix your team’s 1:1s. It’s not a theory class, and it’s not a workshop. It’s focused on tools and practices, suited to you and your team. You’ll walk away with a new toolkit-in-action to manage your team better, week by week.

You’ll be part of a cohort with other managers - so you’ll leave with a peer group to swap notes and tips for the future. The program includes a mix of individualized attention and strategy, and peer sharing.

This program is for managers with 3-10 direct reports. (Okay if you have more roll-up reports, too.)




Why fix your 1:1s?

Everyone hates 1:1s. At Group Project, we researched the biggest problems for managers and reports, and found that overwhelmingly, people struggle to prepare for their 1:1s and get value out of them. But good 1:1s are effective - that’s why we all feel compelled to try.

Why 1:1s? Running great 1:1s is a wonderfully doable way for managers to:

  1. Save time managing your team

  2. Improve communication so you can get visibility into what’s going on

  3. Improve productivity in your team - by focusing on the right things and giving support where it’s needd

What’s the problem? We’ve seen three common problems with 1:1s.

  1. They get canceled. Managers and reports don’t feel 1:1s are working - so they cancel. No check-in means no communication.

  2. They drag, and miss important points. Managers and reports struggle to prepare - grabbing information from lots of places and cobbling together agendas ad hoc. So conversations lose their impact.

  3. Unreliable 1:1s become a time waste. When 1:1s aren’t systematic, reports can’t rely on them for important needs, so they ask for help in other ways. Instead of concentrating managers’ work into efficient bursts, 1:1s become calendar baggage.


Need to sell it in?

Want to fix your 1:1s, but need help getting the budget from your HR team or manager? Get in touch, and we’ll help you prepare your pitch.