Org Design Rethinker

The organizational design rethinker at Group Project will collaborate with the founder on strategy and service design, and support product decisions. As an early-stage strategic and executional leader, you’ll be there for the foundation to a new approach to strategic HR - how staffing can change for the better, for employees and employers.

You think about people and organizations at weird times. On the subway. In the shower. How people and companies fit together is something you’re always kicking around.

You’re hungry to apply your expertise + reflection in this area to creation - making a new way for things to work. You’re a builder.


You have a strong understanding of or background in one of two areas:

  • People analytics (either from work in HR in a large company, from an academic/research environment, or from extensive personal study)
  • Organizational design (as a practitioner - either as a consultant, internal strategist at a large company, or similar)

You are deeply familiar with the cutting edge of people analytics and/or org design - you know what niche companies are springing up, what kind of frameworks they’re using or new analyses they’re conducting, and how they think about their approach. Whichever one you’re knowledgeable in, you’re interested in the other. And...

  • You care about the problem of bias in hiring and staffing.
  • You see wasted potential in the way companies run now, and believe there's a better way for companies and employees to fit together.
  • You're a systems thinker who likes to break things down, identifying dynamics and defining parts and interactions.
  • You can see and discuss phenomena in teams and organizations, and immediately propose ways to formally observe them, adjust them, test hypotheses about them.
  • You’re action-oriented and usually just try things out to see if they work.
  • You’re collaborative and enthusiastic about your work.

Other Handy + Welcome Abilities

  • Data-oriented coding skills
  • Expertise in personality profiling tools
  • Facilitation + collaboration design experience
  • Network of business owners/managers and/or HR leaders in NYC
  • Visual design skills

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