Group Project makes data-driven tools to understand your team, and bring out their best work every day.

Our tools give employees a voice, empower managers with clear priorities to support their teams, and give leaders the big picture of how their talent map and strategic goals intertwine.

We’re building for a future of work where smart business means putting people first, inclusively. We don’t separate people, culture, or engagement data from the day-to-day work that makes businesses successful. Our tools show talent strategically - how teams’ abilities and engagement are directly impacting the work they’re able to do.

Our software helps companies recognize hidden talent, realize their team's full potential, and engage internal people to adapt to changing needs smoothly. Our tools are built to promote inclusion and reduce bias with smarter management decisions - and help with retention and engagement.


Smart strategy starts with investing in the #1 thing that makes work successful: people. The way we match people to work today isn’t working, and it’s time to change the tools we use to understand talent and get work done.

We believe people are broader than their job descriptions, and when companies treat their people like people, rather than roles, they unlock more talent. That’s why when each person has the opportunity to reach their full potential at work, everyone benefits.

Group Project is based in New York City, New York.