Group Project makes data-driven technology to change the way that people and companies fit together. We’re building for a future of work where smart business means putting talent growth and inclusion first.

Our mission is to empower people with a smarter, dynamic management model that starts with understanding who people are and what they can do, and then creates the right team at the right time to get the work done.


Our software helps companies recognize hidden talent, realize their team's full potential, and engage internal people to adapt to changing needs smoothly. Our tools are built to promote inclusion and reduce bias with smarter staffing decisions, while helping with retention and engagement.


Smart strategy starts with investing in the #1 thing that makes work successful: people. The way we match people to work today isn’t working, and it’s time to change the tools we use to understand talent and get work done.

We believe people are broader than their job descriptions, and when companies treat their people like people, rather than roles, they unlock more talent. That’s why when each person has the opportunity to reach their full potential at work, everyone benefits.


Sally Simms, Founder

Sally is a systems thinker and humanist, working on the systems that shape how we work to make them actually work for people. She designs data-driven and human tools that transform workplaces by putting talent first. She’s driven by the belief that when every person has the opportunity to reach their full potential, both employees and organizations thrive.

Sally learned to code at a tech-focused high school, and applied the systems design principles she learned from software to people. In work across strategy, management, operations, marketing, partnerships, and product, she has studied structures that shape behavioral dynamics, determining how people make decisions, collaborate, and get things done. From performance metrics to marketing narratives to teams, she has designed models that encourage ideal behavioral outcomes, and bend to human diversity.

Sally was a founding member of one of Google’s Lab teams. While at Google, she picked up the company’s algorithm-driven culture, its culture of always building new data tools, and its best-in-class people operations.

After Google, at transportation marketplace startup, Buster, she helped bring a totally offline sector online, modeling its data and improving upon the industry’s existing dynamics with algorithm design.

She created Group Project to do the same thing with workplaces. To bring a real-life black box - the talent make-up inside companies - online, and design smarter dynamics from that wealth of new data.


Bella Wang, Founding Data Scientist

Bella’s a war scholar turned data scientist, skilled in finding meaning in small, human-scale data sets. Her PhD research analyzed the strategy of interstate territorial disputes, using a variety of methods, including game theory, statistical analysis, and case studies, to explain political outcomes. A social scientist and data maven, she’s an all-around student of humanity, combining quantitative and qualitative data to tell stories about human behavior at all levels, from individual idiosyncrasies to the highest of high politics. She’s also pretty schooled on puzzles and games, which applies more than you’d think.

Kyleigh Johnson, Founder's Associate

Kyleigh started out in coffee and comedy, and kept the comedy, but now she runs the show in tech. Kyleigh’s early experience with people systems came about when she opened a location for Irving Farm, a fast-growing speciality coffee chain, and redesigned the workflows for inclusion after realizing where operations were failing her diverse team. She found that  what she learned studying social work, education, and theater applied readily to supporting people in the workplace. She has also built and contributed to youth engagement programs in the South Bronx, Lower Manhattan, and Abu Dhabi, and stays active in volunteer work. She’s always thinking about redesigning society to better embrace the people that make it up - whether at work, in education, over a great cup of coffee, or in front of an audience.

Group Project is based in New York City, New York.

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